Cheese Dinners at High Street

High Street Dinner

Reader, my love affair with the food at High Street only grows deeper. The ash-swirled bread beckons me through blizzards. The cannoli danish calls me out of subway tunnels on the way to work. I brave snow, ice, sleet for crumbs.

This spring, I’m collaborating with High Street to present a series of dinners featuring local cheesemakers. If you attended the Birchrun Hills dinner in February, you are still dreaming of the stunning dairy fantasia created by Chef Eli Kulp.

Who can forget the Red Cat Lasagna, presented like a bed sheet with secrets buried beneath it – tufts of earthy dairy, mushrooms, and sprouted greens. To eat it was to peel back winter and discover spring below.

(Word has it that Red Cat Lasagna is on the menu at sister restaurant, Fork, starting this week.)

On Tuesday nights, the team at High Street gets creative, preparing a prix fixe “friends and family” dinner on a theme, starting at 9 p.m. On March 4, April 1, and May 6, local cheese will be the muse!


Trio of Local Cheese Dinners


March 4: Meadowset Sheep Cheese Dinner

Meet native Swiss cheesemaker Tom Schaer of Meadowset Farm & Apiary (Landenberg, PA). He’s a UPenn vet who makes raw sheep’s milk cheese, including the much-lauded Last Straw and Camel’s Back.


April 1: Cherry Grove Sustainable Cheese Dinner

Meet young upstart cheesemakers Paul Lawler and Jamie Png of Cherry Grove Farm (Lawrenceville, NJ). They make a variety of rustic raw-milk cheeses, including Herdsman and Lawrenceville Jack. This year, they were crowned King and Queen of the Cheese Ball.


May 6: Valley Shepherd Mixed Milk Cheese Dinner

Meet cheesemaker Jeanine Dargis of Valley Shepherd Creamery (Long Valley, NJ), who prouces award-winning Crema de Blue. Valley Shepherd has a stand in Reading Terminal Market, where some of the city’s best mozzarella is made on site.


Reservations:  215-625-0988. Dinners take place from 9-11 p.m.; $25 before tax and tip. For breathtaking glimpses of the last cheese dinner at High Street, visit Phillyism.

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8 Responses to “Cheese Dinners at High Street”
  1. Janeane says:

    Andddd we made reservations for all of them. Joyous.

  2. Lakisha says:

    This is awesome! I was bummed that I missed the Birchrun dinner.

  3. Melissa says:

    Hi Tenaya! Just wanted to thank you for putting this together. I was at the event last night and it was wonderful. Great meeting you as well!

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