Cheese Journeys for 2015

Cheese Journeys

This fall, Cheese Journeys, a new dairy-driven travel company based in New York, released their schedule of trips for 2015. There are two trips to England and two to France, and I’m happy to say that I’ll be a part of one of those grand voyages — a week-long junket to Somerset (Cheddar country!) and London. Picture cheesemaker visits, leisurely meals in a manor house, market tours featuring gastronomic guests, along with guided tastings of cheese, wine, cider, and whiskey.

I’ll be leading several tastings and will be happy to talk all things writing and blogging with any of you who come along! If you’ve heard me mention this trip before, it’s because I have — it was supposed to run this fall, but the lead time for planning proved to be too short, and it was postponed. Yay! For those of you who joined me in Puglia this past summer, you’ll see that this tour is a bit more posh. Instead of staying at a rural hunting lodge, we’ll be sleeping in one of the 21 rooms at North Cadbury Court, an estate owned by one of England’s best-known Cheddar families, the Montgomerys of Montgomery’s Cheddar.

Cheddar and Bread

Here’s what I’m most excited about:

  • 4 nights at Cadbury Court, with Chef Sylvan Jamois who will prepare each night’s meal with local ingredients
  • making cheese with esteemed Cheddar maker James Montgomery, followed by lunch at his family’s pub, Camelot
  • strolling in the garden with Mary Quicke, of Quicke’s Cheddar — I love her blog and think she’s the most spectacular dame
  • visiting a cidery and a smokery that are close to our lodging, so we never have to travel far
  • noshing our way through London’s best markets with food writer Jenny Linford of Food Lover’s London
  • peering into the underground cheese caves at Neals Yard Dairy
Cheesemaker Mary Quicke

Cheesemaker Mary Quicke

This trip, along with the others offered by Cheese Journeys, are put together by two experienced travelers and cheese experts, Anna Juhl and Chris George. Anna has a long family history of running cheese shops and importing fine cheeses. She grew up in rural Iowa and has passed her love of dairy on to her two daughters, who are now dairy divas at Essex St. Cheese. Chris started his career as a cheesemonger from Neal’s Yard Dairy in London and now lives in New York, where he teaches classes, judges international cheese awards, and works for Beer Table in Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal.


Cadbury Court in Somerset, home base for our tour

How To Reserve a Spot on the Tour

The Cheese Enthusiast UK Tour runs September 28 – Oct. 4, 2015. Pricing includes lodging, day travel, all meals, and excursions. It does not include airfare. Rates are available for single or double room occupancy.

If you’re a cheese professional, you may want to check out the trips to England and France that are designed for anyone working in the industry. Cheese Journeys offers a special incentive program for cheesemongers to earn a place aboard a trip.

Special Discounts 

Reservations made before December 31, 2014 will receive a 10% discount off the full price of the trip.

Groups of 5 that book together for a Cheese Enthusiast tour receive a free trip for a sixth person, or a group discount. For details, contact Anna Juhl (

Cheese Journeys 2


Drop me a line if you have questions about this journey — I’d love to hear from you. Also, Anna Juhl will be staying with me in early October to taste her way through some Philadelphia cheese shops and present trip information. If you’d like to meet up with us and learn more about Cheese Journeys’ excursions, give a shout!



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    This all sounds very cool- I’ve pulled up the website to peruse some of the finer details about the excursion.

    Where are you planning to go in Philly? Obviously Di Bruno Bros, and probably Reading Terminal…any other big spots planned?

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