Cheese Lovers Tea Towel Set

Cheese Towel Models

Collaborations are happening around here as fast as blue mold on Roquefort. Not that I mind. Not that I mind AT ALL. When Sara Selepouchin suggested we pair up to create some signature cheese towels for her online store (Girls Can Tell) and her Philadelphia retail shop (Occasionette), I was elated. As a writer, I love teaming up with visual owls. People like Sara only enrich my cheese lifestyle.

So why a cheese lovers’ tea towel gift set?

Sara loves to draw diagrams. With her background in architecture, this early etsy adopter has created a much-loved line of 100% cotton towels that feature annotated illustrations. I fell in love with her work when I saw it at a street festival several years ago, and I have gifted her hand-printed house wares to many friends. Creating a set of cheese towels together supported my love of building dairy literacy.

Sara of Girls Can Tell with chees towel

We met up at a cafe back in February to brainstorm two designs:

The Cheese Knife Towel shows you which of your knives to use with particular cheeses. Did you know that a holey knife makes a clean cut, even on sticky cheeses? Have you ever received a set of cheese knives that included a Parm Stiletto?

The Cheese Types Towel is my own silly break-down of the “Seven Styles of Cheese,”often referred to in cheese books. Sara illustrated the cheeses and used my notes to include pairing suggestions.

Madame Fromage Readers Discount!

We hope you find these cheese lovers’ towels useful around the house and on picnics. For a limited time, Sara is offering a 20% discount to readers of this blog. Please use the coupon code FROMAGE¬†when you visit Sara’s online store.

Girls Can Tell Towel Set

If you visit Philadelphia, pop by Occasionette (1825 East Passyunk Ave.) to view Sara’s entire collection. For the debut of this project, she hosted a lovely cheese tasting with yours truly and Sue Miller of Birchrun Hills Farm. Sue’s incredible raw-milk cheeses only look prettier when these towels are lying around. But you already visualized this, because you, too, are probably a visual owl.

For our event, Sara stocked up on extra-special cheese shwag — from locally made cheese boards to a set of wooden cheese markers, which are also her invention. I love her eye for functionality and design. Especially when it comes to supporting the ceremonial aspect of cheese tasting.

Occasionette cheese markersOccasionette Store Front in PhiladelphiaOccasionette Chalk Board


What else is up? Oh, hey, thanks for asking!

I can’t wait for the Philly Farm & Food Fest on April 13, 2014. Also coming up: The Cherry Grove Cheese Dinner at High Street on Tuesday, April 1. The dinner is SOLD OUT, but there are still spots for the Valley Shepherd Cheese Dinner¬†at High Street on May 6.


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