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Dear readers, I spend a lot of time alone in my Cheese Command Center, sitting in this chair. After five years of running my own little online dairy empire, it’s time to open a window and let in some air. I’m looking for a bird, a plane…an intern!  Although this is an unpaid position, I am willing to trade your time for my cheese secrets, offer mentorship to an aspiring blogger or cookbook author, or help you feed your passion in some other way (read: you can raid my fridge, my bookshelf, my brain).


Internship Description

Madame Fromage is looking for a spring 2015 intern to help develop strategy and promotion for a forthcoming book. She needs a big picture thinker who can also whittle away at little details, like researching promotional avenues, creating a list of possible collaborators, and assisting with the launch of a book trailer and splash page. This spring 2015 position will play a crucial role during a transitional time; after 5 years of presenting all things cheese, Madame’s new project is all about cocktails. As an intern, you’ll be involved in shaping how this Philadelphia cheese blogger adds new dimension to her site and reaches out to a new community of nibblers and sippers. The ideal candidate will be social-media savvy, research-oriented, creative, and (hopefully) dairy curious.

Hours and start/end date: flexible — ideally Jan/Feb thru May/June, 2015.

Setting: flexible — your place or mine.

How to Apply

This is an unpaid position with cheese perks and your choice of  a) course credit at a college or university that you attend and/or b) mentorship in writing, blogging, or developing a book project. To apply, please email with a resumé and a letter of interest.

Deadline: Nov. 26, 2015


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3 Responses to “MF Needs an Intern”
  1. mike says:

    wow, this is SUCH a great opportunity for someone!

  2. Aunt Tookie says:

    Darn, I missed the deadline to apply! Well I guess I live too far away anyway. I trust the right person has read this and applied already. 🙂 Much love!

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