The Desk Cheese Board


Surely, you too have a snack drawer at work. This week, I’m humbled to reveal my very own little desk — the place where all these posts get written — on Kokblog. Brooklyn illustrator Johanna Kindvall drew the contents of my drawers (mmm, sounds a bit naughty?), right down to the flasks. Just look behind the cheese knives in the pencil cup.

Pop over to her site and you you can read these tips in my guest post:

  • What to stock in a desk pantry
  • Good cheeses to eat at your desk (not too messy, not too stinky)

Big gush: I love this collaboration! The simplicity of Johanna’s line drawings manage to be sensuous, yet playful. Two things I always aim for in my own prose. I feel fortunate to work with her on this, the first of several collaborative posts. Viva winter! Viva 2014!

Seriously, what nubbins do you stash in your desk?


If you’re new to Johanna Kindvall’s work, check out her shop for prints. She also has a new cookbook, The Culinary Cyclist (Taking the Lane Press, 2013) with Anna Brones. In my last post, I wrote about their glorious quinoa cake.



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4 Responses to “The Desk Cheese Board”
  1. Aunt Dawnie says:

    Well this is just wonderful. I left a comment on her site.
    Hurrah for the interesting turns and twists in life!

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