The Tuscan Table

Trio of Pecorini

Last week, I did a deep dive into Tuscan Pecorino, thanks to a slew of samples from Di Bruno Bros. They asked me to taste a series of new products from a Tuscan producer, Il Fortetto — a cooperative outside Florence. As someone who rarely reaches for Pecorino at the cheese counter, I appreciated tasting through this product line. It convinced me that, yes, Pecorino can be table cheese. Not just a grating cheese. In fact, I’ve been eating young Pecorino for breakfast all week. Pairing it with berries, honey, and black tea — why not?

Pecorino for breakfast

To read my post about Tuscan Pecorino, click here.

And thanks for your patience — within the last week, my blog got hacked, I caught the flu, and I hosted family from Italy.  I’m just now catching my breath. What morsels are you nibbling as you prepare for spring?


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