A British Cheese Odyssey Begins

CheeseJourneys TakeoverI am off to England this week for my first tour with Cheese Journeys! If you’d like to tag along, follow @CheeseJourneys on Instagram. Our travel odyssey begins tomorrow and runs through October 4, and we’ll be hitting some of the best cheesemakers and cheese shops around Devon, Somerset, and London.

My co-conspirators include Di Bruno Bros. VP Emilio Mignucci, cheesemaker Sue Miller of Birchrun Hills Farm, and a few other mystery guests. A huge thanks to Anna Juhl, fearless leader and founder of Cheese Journeys. From owning a cheese shop to launching her own travel company, she is growing artisan-cheese appreciation in a way that thrills me.

My goal for this trip is to tell you the story of original British Cheddar (we’ll meet Mary Quicke of Quicke’s Cheddar and stay at the estate of THE Jamie Montgomery of Montgomery’s Cheddar). I’m planning to use Instagram for the crumb-by-crumb version of the tour. Then I’ll offer highlights here, upon my return. Here is our itinerary.


Curious about Cheese Journeys? There are more trips in the works, including a 2016 Tour to France and the 2016 Tour of the Oregon Coast! I’m participating in an Enthusiast Tour and will be offering a workshop on digital storytelling and food photography. Cheese Journeys also offers tours for industry professionals and arranges custom food tours.


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4 Responses to “A British Cheese Odyssey Begins”
  1. Sonja Darlingotn says:

    The trip looks divine–too bad many of us don’t fit into your luggage or can stand the position of being attached to a flight wing. Instagram will have to suffice.

  2. Hunter says:

    I DARE you to visit James Montgomery’s farm and not swear to name your offspring after him.

  3. Vero says:

    Ooohh!! Have fun, Tenaya!!!

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