A July 4 Picnic with Foodinjars

July 4 Picnic SpreadWhen one leads the life of a cheese courtesan, one tends to court a good many cheese-centric friends. So, whenever I feel the ashy edges of blogger burn-out — which has happened lately, amid the juggling of several projects —  I try to connect with the people who move me. Whenever this lady sings the blues, I call on my oldest and dearest Philadelphia friend, Marisa of Foodinjars. Usually, she comes over with some preserves.

For July 4, Marisa and I offer you a week-long cheese and preserves spectacular. We’ll be posting recipes and sharing links for everything you see in this picture:

  • condiments and cocktails
  • homemade honey grahams and spiced brittle
  • plus, picnic cheeses for a budget (I sniffed out the best of Trader Joe’s)

So, linger a while. Stock up on cherries and blueberries. Grab some parchment paper to make your own crackers (so easy). And if you’ve never canned before, consider picking up a few jars — Marisa will walk you through the steps. Too knackered? No worries, we’ll tell you how to build your pantry with easy substitutes from the store. This week, it’s all about sharing bites, pairing flavors, and making July 4 both easy and splendid.

Cheese and cocktails

Special Thanks to Peg & Awl

The boards you see in this shoot were loaned to us by Margaux Kent of Peg & Awl, new friend extraordinaire and dairy fan forever. Big thanks to her son Silas, hand model and patient child.

Silas Wants a Cocktail

His reward for sitting through an hour of photo styling? A kiddie cocktail. And he got to climb a tree.


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