Cheese Boards from Peg & Awl

Peg & Awl Board with Fat Cat

For a long time now, I have been collecting cheese boards on my travels — my eye always scanning shop windows and flea markets for sturdy boards with unique touches or unusual shapes. This spring, I discovered a source for great cheese boards in my very own Philadelphia neighborhood. And so, a new love affair begins.

Peg & Awl — a company run by my neighbors, Margaux and Walter Kent — offers beautiful hand-crafted boards from reclaimed wood. I love the handles, made from boat cleats, which makes them easy to carry to the table or hang in the kitchen from a hook.

Needless to say, I felt compelled to take Margaux and Walter some local cheese. In fact, I swooped down on them one afternoon with local cheesemaker Sue Miller and her line of cheeses from Birchrun Hills Farm. We styled several boards for Peg & Awl’s new website — now in progress — and toured the casket factory where the company produces a line of lifestyle products, from waxed canvas bags (read: cheese totes) to jewelry and journals (read: cheese notebooks).

Since the holidays are upon us, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Peg & Awl cheese boards. Ready, set, click — or just scroll down and see some delectable pictures.

Peg & Awl Cutting and Serving Board (with cleats)

Baguette Board (great for a trio of cheeses)

Olive Bowl and Baguette Board


Local cheesemaker Sue Miller at Peg & Awl

Margaux Kent of Peg & Awl photographing Sue Miller's cheeses

Margaux Kent of Peg & Awl photographing Sue Miller’s cheeses

Staff meal, photo courtesy of Margaux Kent

Staff meal, photo courtesy of Margaux Kent

Readers, when I use these boards, I love knowing that the Kents put as much thought and care into their business as artisan cheesemakers put into their dairy. When you read the Peg & Awl interview on Etsy, you’ll find out how Margaux and Walter have built a successful American-made brand through a commitment to quality and collaboration. They started out as two people with passion and purpose, and now operate out of a Port Richmond warehouse with 11 employees.

Nope, I’m not selling these products. I’m just sharing something I love. Also, I believe that every cheese board presentation is, ultimately, theater — so why not start with a beautiful stage?

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  1. Vero says:

    I LOVE Peg & Awl’s boards, and all their products!!! 🙂

    • tdarlington says:

      Vero, then we are alike. Their bags and boards are perfect for cheese-lovin’ dames. You must come to Philly!

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