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Phickle's naturally fizzy yogurt drink, photo cred: Amanda Feifer

Phickle’s naturally fizzy yogurt drink, photo cred: Amanda Feifer

It’s been a summer of cheese sleuthing. Wisconsin. Vermont. Tomorrow, I leave for Cheese Camp in Rhode Island, then it’s off to a secret cabin in Connecticut in exchange for a cheese party. It’s been glorious to spend so much time outside, toes in grass, making new friends — but today I’m luxuriating in a cafe, avec laptop, and relishing in some online daydreams. Here are a few delicious links that relate ever-so-loosely to cheese. May you enjoy these creative supernovas, and if you want to follow my Cheese Camp escapades starting tomorrow, find me on Instagram @mmefromage!

Persian Drinking Yogurt

I’ve been following Amanda Phickle’s blog with a deep hunger ever since she returned from a fermentation retreat with kraut master Sandor Katz. Her recipe for Doogh — a fizzy, minty yogurt beverage — has me swooning.


Pantry Confidential

My new blog crush: Writers Hana and Christine poke around in people’s kitchens, then run photos and interviews. Oh, nothing makes me happier than fridge-snoopery and cupboard-crashing! Have a look-see at what these dames discover in Johanna Kindvall’s kitchen, when they sniff out the writer/illustrator behind Kokblog — one of my favorite collaborators. (See JK’s illustration of my desk cheese board.)


Fresh Wisconsin Curd Giveaway

How has it take so long for a website devoted to cheese curds to appear? Well, count on a Wisconsin cheese branding campaign to titillate us all with a curd-finder map and a daily giveaway of fresh curds. I received a bag in the mail last week and, friends, those curds were so fresh they still squeaked. I walked around the house eating them and laughing. New to curds? They’re simply fresh, unaged cheese nubbins pulled right out of the vat at the onset of the cheese-making process. When they’re fresh, they squeak between your teeth; when they’re a day or so old, they stop squeaking. In Wisconsin, enjoying a fresh, squeaky curd is a birthright. Drive through the state and you’ll see billboards beckoning you with the promise of “the squeakiest!” To experience this strange pleasure, enter the giveaway. Then put a six-pack and some friends on stand-by.



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