I Spy: Cheese Trends

Wabash CannonballHave you ever thought about putting pink peppercorns in cheese? Or making a cheese sized for exactly one person? Why am I asking you this? This week I’ve been tracking a bunch of food predictions that are making their rounds as part of the post-holiday news cycle. Here are 4 trends worth noting if you orbit the cheese world as a maker, shaker, caterer, cook, or enthusiast…

Pink Peppercorns 

Grub Street’s dining report predicts a deluge of ’80s era dishes and spices that will rock restaurant tables in 2015. Among them…pasta salad, the return of quiche (did it ever vanish?), and pink peppercorns. I’ve seen plenty of cheeses dotted with green and black ‘corns, like PiacentinuMarco Polo, and Anton’s Peppered Ass, but is anyone using pink peppercorns…for Valentine’s? For drag show cheese boards? For princess parties? Come on, why not?

Yak Cheese

This Kickstarter campaign posted by 2 California brothers who plan to raise yaks (after experience in Tibet) suggests a new direction in dairy. Perhaps? Remember when I was all excited about camel cheese? That didn’t really fire up any bellies, but yak cheese could be the IT?! What do ya think, guys? At the very least, check out the yak cheese story…it illustrates the wild spirit of dairy entrepreneurs!

Bone Broth Cocktails

I won’t lie. I’ve fallen hard for making bone broth this winter, and I can’t think of anything lovelier to serve with a grilled cheese than a bowl of spiked bone broth. Emily Acosta (@_emilyacosta) brought this link to my attention this morning when I posted a photo of my homemade bone broth on Instagram — turns out this award-winning cheesemonger (Acosta works at Eataly in NYC) is a bone broth fan, too! One day I hope to toast her in person with some Glenlivet stirred into lamb broth.

Cheese for One

Blogger Dianne Jacob writes about solo eating trends on her blog Will Write for Food, which can only mean one thing: cheesemakers might want to think about small-format cheeses designed for singles. No cheese singles puns, please. Think about the convenience of Saint Marcellin (sold in a small crock) and Banon (tiny, wrapped in leaves). As a solo lunch-eater who loves packing cheese into backpacks and handbags, I am rallying behind this one! (That cheese pictured up top is Wabash Cannonball — one of my favorite truffle-sized cheeses.)


On the horizon: This week I’m working on a cheese board with young-adult author (and my colleague) April Lindner who is launching her third YA novel, Love, LucyWe’re picking out cheeses that represent her main characters to serve at her launch party on January 30 at Salem Vineyards in NJ. Take a peek at April’s blog for details; it’s open to fiction fans and YA readers, but please RSVP.

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  1. Emily says:

    Great post! I found so much more stuff on my bone broth rabbit hole… To be discussed over that cocktail!!

  2. I’ve tried green and pink peppercorns for christmas on the inside of our pecorino and to my dismay the colour was not there when I cut into it!! Sooo disappointed!! Not sure why but the exterior colour was gone

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