July 4 Cheese and Jam Wrap-Up

Cocktails and Cheese PicnicPart 4: Friends, thanks for tuning into this week-long series on planning a July 4 cheese board. I put it together with my friend Marisa from Foodinjars so that we could explore the summer harvest and…oh, the dairy case. Here are links to everything we cooked, baked, stirred, and sniffed out. Our goal was to give  you ideas for a no-fuss July 4 picnic, where you could make everything from scratch or ransack your pantry. If you want to recreate our menu, or part of it. here’s how:

Cheese Selections

Shrub Cocktails

Sweet Cherry Chutney

Spicy Pecan Brittle

Graham Crackers

ADDITIONAL ITEMS: baguettes, cucumbers, fresh berries, cured meat (not pictured here, but welcome).

SERVING TIPS: If you’re packing this as a picnic, store the cheeses on ice or on top of cold wine bottles. When you serve them, make sure they’re at room temperature.

WHAT TO SERVE ALONGSIDE: Grilled meats and veggies, a leafy salad, followed by watermelon topped with chopped mint. Or, make s’mores and fling those graham crackers into the ring once more.


The boards in these photos were leant to us by Peg & Awl for this shoot. Today, they’ll be at High Street farmers’ market in Philadephia from 10:30-3:30.

Foodinjars and PegandAwl

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  1. Sonja Darlington says:

    I know it is fun to make all these delicious items, despite the need to shop for ingredients and put in the labor involved. However, a part of me dreams of ordering it and having it all delivered to my imaginary house in the forest, after I have descended from a frothy perfumed magical bath. Sigh!

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