Sprig and Spirit: A New Project

SprigandSpirit CollageDear readers, I have a new project in my back pocket. It’s a sibling project I launched with my brother, André Darlington, called Sprig + Spirit.

As you might guess, it’s a site devoted to cocktails. Healthy cocktails.

And now you’re furrowing your brow! Healthy cocktails? Welll, for the last year, André and I have been writing a cocktail book, which will appear on shelves next spring from Running Press. As recipe-testing fools, we sipped ourselves silly, and it has created a singular thirst in us for drinks that aren’t too sweet. For drinks made with fresh ingredients and high-quality spirits.

And so we asked ourselves: what if we create drinks that make people feel good? Drinks with nutrient-rich super foods? (Yes, you can be sure a whey cocktail will appear soon.)

Pop over to our new site and have a look around. We’re especially proud of our Foraged Sour!


Shout Outs

Logo love: Stefania Patrizio, who also created the Madame Fromage logo

Animation love: Tom Cranley for animating our first drink recipe

Strategic love: Samantha Un of Her Savory Life for our communications plan



Insta: @sprigandspirit

Twitter: @sprigandspirit




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4 Responses to “Sprig and Spirit: A New Project”
  1. Congrats on the new site and I cannot wait to try Chia-politan! Think I attempt to concoct a few this weekend! Stay cheesy!

  2. Sonja Darlingotn says:

    Congratulations on launching Sprig and Spirit. A terrific collaborate venture!

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