A Cheese and Cocktail Love Note

Scharfe Maxx and a Sling
Friends and Loved Ones, as most of you know I have spent the last two years making cocktails for a new book, The New Cocktail Hour (Running Press). Over 400 mixed drinks. In my kitchen. Usually with my brother on Skype, the two of us shaking and stirring in our respective homes (he in Madison, Wisconsin and me in Philadelphia). Alas, our book has gone to press, and though it won’t hit bookstores until April, you can pre-order it. In fact, we’re really hoping you do!Cover Image.The New Cocktail Hour

Good pre-sales numbers will let our publisher know that thirsty people want this book! We’re trying to hit #1 in cocktail book sales on Amazon before Valentine’s Day.

SO here’s my love note to you…

Order a copy of The New Cocktail Hour for yourself or someone you love — it includes 230+ classic and modern recipes, organized by era, so you can sip your way through history. Plus, every cocktail has pairing suggestions, from cheese to oysters to chocolate cake.

Order a book, and I’ll come up with cocktail pairing for your favorite cheese!

You heard me right, I’ll create a cocktail pairing for you (or your lover’s) favorite cheese for a special Valentine’s shout-out on this site. It will read something like…Dear Ken, Sue wants to send you a hunk of Stilton with a brassy Manhattan. And, of course, I’ll email you the recipe so you can share it with your hunk.

And yes, we have a chapter on non-alcoholic cocktails!

To receive your special pairing, please email me a copy of your receipt (tenayadarlington@gmail.com) and the name of your favorite cheese before Feb. 13, 2016.

Thanks a million for your support! The book is available for pre-sales from these fine establishments:

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