Book Trailer: The New Cocktail Hour

Dear Ones, at last I have something to show you from my sequestered life as a cocktail nun these last two years. My next book, The New Cocktail Hour, will be out on April 26 from Running Press, the same publisher (and the same incredible photographer!) I worked with for The Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese. I hope this book trailer gives you a much-deserved glimpse behind the scenes. Come into my living room, meet my brother and co-author André Darlington, and join us in the photography studio with Jason Varney.

Cover Image.The New Cocktail HourI want you to know that I lobbied very hard to write a cheese and spirits book. Alas, this is a book about spirits — with lots of cheese pairings. If you, like me, enjoy a little something on the rocks or in a coupe with your cheese board, you won’t be disappointed here. Watch the trailer, and let me know what you think. Thank you for your eyes and your enthusiasm!

I’m working on book tour dates. Stay tuned!


Gratitude: Huge thanks to Aimee Knight (@aimeeknight) for creating this video!

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