Cheese on the Radio (WHYY Interview)

imageHere in Philadelphia, we’re big fans of our local radio station, WHYY. It’s home to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, who I occasionally see hoofing it down the street, a twig of a person in a parka. Our station’s best-loved Philadelphia-centric show is “Radio Times,” hosted by local personality Marty Moss-Coane (pictured above). Now that I own an auto, I hear her smart purr in my ear several days a week.

When Marty’s producer reached out about doing a cheese show, I did a few high kicks in my kitchen. ¬†Yesterday, two local cheese makers and I joined Marty in the studio for an hour-long conversation. Give a listen and you will hear Sue Miller of Birchrun Hills Farm and Stef Angstadt of Valley Milkhouse Creamery talk about entrepreneurial dairying, favorite pairings, and their philosophy behind making great cheese. Plus, we squeeze in a few vocal words you’ll want to add to your dairy lexicon.

Listen here: The American Cheese Renaissance on Radio Times

Consider joining: The Pennsylvania Cheese Guild

Stef Angstadt of Valley Milkhouse and Sue Miller of Birchrun Hills


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  1. mike says:

    great episode!

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