Olympic Cheese Competitions

Parish Hill Creamery Cheese Board

Friends, everyone I know has been glued to the Olympics, so let’s take a moment to look at Gold Medal hopefuls in the, ahem, cheese category. For those of you with a competitive streak, here are a few dairy-related challenges that will keep your eyeballs and tastebuds engaged during all of those commercial breaks.

American Cheese Society Competition

Earlier this month, American cheesemakers from around the country sent their best wheels in for the annual American Cheese Society (ACS) judging held in Des Moines, Iowa. You can read about the Best of Show winners in The New York Times. My home state of Pennsylvania tied for 2nd place with St. Malachi from Doe Run Farm — huge congrats to cheesemakers Sam Kennedy and Matt Hettlinger. If you want to see how cheesemakers in your state fared, check out the list of ACS winners. Better yet, sprint to your local cheese shop between sporting events and ask for an ACS winners cheese plate.

The Saveur Blog Awards

Yours Truly is pushing hard in the “Food Obsessives” category of Saveur Magazine’s annual Food Blogger Awards. This may be the first time a cheese blog has made it into the finals, friends, so please, please consider voting. The competition ends August 31. Note: there were 30,000 nominations, and the finalists in all of the many categories will give you awe-inspiring glimpses into food blogs from around the country. Please vote here — you’ll see my photo of Parish Hill Creamery  cheeses (above) as you scroll through the finalists. If you want to hear more about this match, watch the short interview I did with health writer Babs Hogan on her new series Cheese Hangouts.

The 5 Best New Sandwiches in America

Bon Appetit Magazine released its latest lusty listicle this week — are you living in Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, City, Dallas or Philadelphia? If you are, you just hit the sandwich jackpot! I almost don’t want to tell you that the biggest winner of all — which features cream cheese, thank you very much — is 2 blocks from my house. It’s sick. If you like bagels, the Classic Lox Bagel at Philly Style Bagels is a glorious thing. Come over and eat one on my stoop, why don’tcha?

The United States of Cheese Quest

Finally, here’s an all-American cheese competition everyone can get behind: artist Mike Geno is trying to paint a cheese from every state in America. Take a look at his interactive map and see if he has painted a cheese from your state yet — if not, recommend one? He’s 38 states down and counting, and his paintings and prints are spell-binding. If your favorite Olympic hopeful doesn’t win a medal, console yourself with a stunning cheese portrait.

United States of Cheese Map


Feeling competitive? Tell me where you have eaten the best cheese board so far this year. Maybe we need a Best Cheese Board in America award. Nudge, nudge, Bon Appetit!


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