Whole Foods Market 12 Days of Cheese

whole-foods-holiday-boardAngels are running the Whole Foods dairy counter this year. And they’re spreading some dairy love across the nation. From December 13 – 24, every Whole Foods Market will offer a special half-price artisan cheese each day for the TWELVE DAYS OF CHEESE. Yes, that means you could feasibly pick up a different hunk every day and create a verrry merry pairing. (Read: eat cheese, skip dinner.)

Last week, the angels invited me to pop by the new Whole Foods Center City near my house in Philadelphia to preview the stash for the 12 Days of Cheese calendar. When angels call, who can ignore the dulcet tones? So, I went on your behalf. Lovers, here’s your dairy forecast:


Here’s what I love about sharing one cheese per evening, instead of digging into a whole board: you get to savor. Enjoying just one cheese is such a great way to teach yourself about flavor. Plus, you can play pairing games.

Whaaat? You’ve never played pairing games?


Serve one cheese, like Epoisses, and try pairing it with three different libations. For example, you could invite a trio of friends over for “Epoisses Night” and ask the first to bring a wine, the second to bring a beer, and the third to bring a spirit or non-alcoholic beverage.

Hint: Epoisses likes White Burgundy, monastic beers, and it’s washed in Marc de Bourgogne. There, you’ve got at least three easy options. They’ll probably all be fantastic, but you could add a wild card — like your favorite mulled wine or hot cider recipe?


Serve one cheese, like Borough Market Stilton, and play “empty the pantry.” Crack into some of those preserves that have been hiding in the back of your cabinets — jams, pickles, curds, etc. — and find out which pantry item pairs best. Or, you can invite your friends to bring one or two items from their pantries while you provide a hunk of this glorious blue and, say, a bottle of Port or some dark beer. Hint: I love a chocolate stout with a salty blue cheese.

Tasting a pairing that works (like chutney and blue cheese) is wonderful, of course, but you can also teach yourself a lot by tasting “off” pairings. For example, I’m guessing that dilly beans would taste pretty dreadful alongside blue cheese, but you never know. If you discover a favorite new pairing during the Whole Foods 12 Days of Cheese, will you let me know?


Full Disclosure: Occasionally, I run sponsored posts to feed my wicked cheese habit. This post was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.


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