Cheese Pop-Ups and Tours

Lover, I hope your summer is splendid and that you are entering August with lots of creamy burrata. Me? I’m in Wisconsin for a few weeks, eating Widmer’s Brick on my brother’s dock and piling soft cheese onto bowls full of julienned raw veg and oodles of Zoodles. Yes, Planet Darlington has entered its chia moon, so life is all kombucha cocktails and balance bowls around here. Are we finding balance? Wellll, I am pretending not to see all the little piles of chaos (book edits, moving boxes, etc.) around me as I type. “Feathery chevre” is my mantra, and I am inventing some cheese-squeezing mudras.

For August, here are my centering offerings for the third eye of your cheese mind:

Cheese & Ferment Pop-Up Supper, August 22: Join me in Philadelphia for an end-of-summer “Friends & Neighbors Interactive Community Dinner” organized by Shayna Marmar of Honeypie Cooking. Shayna has run this series all summer, and it’s a lovely family-style affair where you can meet other cool food-loving locals over a delicious meal at a long table. Her theme for August brings together some of my favorite people around my favorite foods: local cheese and homemade pickles. Cheese will be provided by the awesome dames of Collective Creamery, an entrepreneurial cheese CSA project launched by cheesemakers Sue Miller and Stefanie Angstadt. They’ll be there, along with their right hand grrrrl, Alex Jones. Fermentation specialist Mike Landers of Martha will offer pickle pairings, and we’ll walk you through a tasting. Martha’s super sours, cocktails, and wines can be ordered from the bar to pair.  (Dinner:  7:30 p.m. at Martha 2113 E. York St., Philadelphia – Tickets required $35)

The Women of Collective Creamery (Sue, Stef, Alex)

Cheese Tour of Philadelphia & Chester County: There are two spots left for my Labor Day weekend in Chester County and Philadelphia with Cheese Journeys, an incredible food tour company based in New York. Join me for three nights at the Inn at Grace Winery and come with me to visit some of my fave cheesemakers, including The Farm at Doe Run. The farm is stunning, and the cheesemakers just won a trove of awards at the American Cheese Society (read: Cheese Oscars) in Denver! (For Booking Details and a full itinerary: Cheese Journeys)

Pssst…keep an eye out for the September calendar at COOK. Chef Ari Miller is hosting a cocktail dinner there on September 6, and he invited my brother André and me to join him. Together, we’ve collaborated on a beautiful menu, and most of the drinks are from our jointly written book, The New Cocktail Hour. (Secret menu reveal: Champagne sundaes with homemade ice cream for dessert!)


What have I forgotten, beautiful people? I sense the universe has many more cheese offerings for August, but my head is in the stars.

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2 Responses to “Cheese Pop-Ups and Tours”
  1. How great it is to go around the world and taste different cheese!
    Which one has been your favourite cheese till now?

    • tdarlington says:

      Ohhh, that’s too hard to answer. Eating raw-milk Vacherin at an alpage in France is at the top of my list though, alongside eating clothbound cheddar in Somerset, England.

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