Do You Know about THE NEW PARIS?

The New ParisWhen I need a dose of Frenchness, I pop over to the blog Lost in Cheeseland, where Lindsey Tramuta always has a baguette or a beautiful facade to ease the eyes. As a Philadelphia transplant living in the 11th arrondissement, she offers a down-to-earth, discovery-oriented pair of eyes and often writes about her favorite finds. Her first book, The New Paris:The People, Places & Ideas Fueling a Movement, presses a pair of fingers on the city’s pulse and counts out the quick beats of a throbbing new creative energy: vegetarian restaurants, cafe/coworking spaces, boutiques, B&Bs that serve cocktails, and even new cheese shops.

I caught up with Lindsey last month when her book tour brought her to Philadelphia for several signings, including an event at Menagerie Coffee where she served drinks from the beans of one of her favorite French roasters. Over breakfast in Old City, she talked about the inspiration behind her new book, the history of her blog, and — of course — her favorite cheese.

Lindsey Tramuta, author of The New Paris

A Conversation with Author Lindsey Tramuta

On Living in Paris: “I was a French major at Temple, and I did a 6 month study abroad program. One night, I met my future husband at a party.” Needless to say, she was inspired to go back, where she pursued an M.A. in Global Communications. 

On Starting a Blog: She launched Lost in Cheeseland seven years ago and began a freelance career writing for magazines and newspapers. Many of her articles served as “cultural studies” for her new book as she explored new restaurants and businesses. The latest element on her blog? A podcast with fashion journalist Alice Cavanaugh.

On Writing a Book: “In 2014, I had a conversation with a friend about how I was tired of rosy stories that perpetuate the same myths about Paris. She said, ‘You write about the new Paris.’ That became my title.”

How the Book is Organized: “The book is not about me. It’s about the people making Paris what it is…. If I look at who’s in the book, there are a lot of immigrants — that’s the new Paris.” The six main chapters of the book include such topics as Coffee, Sweets, Libations, Shopping & Crafts, along with a list of Lindsey’s favorite places in the back. (On her blog, she has a great Paris Guide.) 

Who Should Read The New Paris: Anyone planning a trip to Paris (especially anyone who is headed there to study abroad), anyone who isn’t planning a trip to Paris but wants to be transported to its most cutting edge pastry shops, natural wine bars, microbreweries, and plant-based restaurants.

About Lindsey’s Favorite Cheese: “Beaufort!” she says. Although there isn’t a cheese chapter in the book, cheesemonger Clément Broussault is the first face you meet in The New Paris. Broussault abandoned a “suit-and-tie-banker life” to open Fromagerie Goncourt, an environmentally conscious cheese shop with a zero-plastics policy.

Final thoughts here, friends: This is a beautifully written and photographed book that mixes thoughtful observations about contemporary Parisian culture with introductions to some of the most interesting new chefs, bakers, and makers.

Lindsey makes you want to revisit the city to taste and drink, unlocking a whole new subculture that broadens French traditions. Flip through the stunning photos by Charissa Fay, and you’ll feel drunk and satiated.

It’s an excellent hammock read.

Follow Lindsey on Instagram: @lostncheeseland


Anyone headed to Paris?

If so, what cheese are you most excited to eat? If you need a cheese guide, my favorite is the Eyewitness Handbook to French Cheese.


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  1. Lakisha says:

    Tenaya! I knew I could count on you for interesting tidbits about yummy goodness in Paris. I was just looking at Lindsey’s book online. Kenny and I are planning a trip to Paris in November. I’ll pick up Lindsey’s book and the Eyewitness Handbook. Thanks and hope to see you very soon!

    • tdarlington says:

      Wonderful to hear! I hope you two have a terrific time, Lakisha. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding. I await your French cheese report. xo

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