Philadelphia & Chester County Cheese Tour

This summer marks a special milestone for me. First, let me tell you the story, then I want to invite you on a cheese journey. Yes, a cheese journey!

Twelve years ago, I left my home state of Wisconsin and moved to Philadelphia because I had always wanted to live in a city. I drove across the country and started my life over in a place where I didn’t know a single person. After I unloaded my books and bedding into a new apartment – my first time living alone – I wondered how I would ever find connection in such a vast place. Luckily, a former neighbor had slipped an address into my pocket: Di Bruno Bros. on 9th Street.

A cheese shop.

During that year, I visited Di Bruno Bros. every week and began speaking in tongues with the cheesemongers. Not literally, of course. But I learned a beautiful vocabulary for the tastes, smells, and textures I loved – bloomy rind, lactic, cream line. I filled my single-grrrl fridge with earthy clothbound cheddars and mineral-rich blue cheeses. Glowing orange washed-rinds became my go-tos because they smelled like home to me, like rural roads and barns filled with hay.

Slowly, I began to make friends at my new job, where I taught writing. I brought a cheese board anytime I was invited to a dinner party. (The stranger the cheeses, the better the conversation.) It made me so happy when people wanted to hear the story behind each cheese.

Like the cheese made from one cow named Renata.

Over time, I realized that I loved bringing cheese into people’s lives. I started this blog in 2009 and put all my heart into writing cheese descriptions and learning to take photographs. Tastings followed. I hosted workshops in a tiny cheese shop near my house, and I invited local cheesemakers to join me and share their stories.

Those experiences led to my first cheese book. And the book led to international cheese tours! Who would have thought? For the last three years, I’ve been honored to join Anna Juhl of Cheese Journeys on several back-door tours of the cheese world. First, to England. More recently, to France.

This fall, I’m teaming up with Cheese Journeys for a 4-day weekend in Philadelphia and Chester County…

Madame Fromage’s Cheese Journey, Sept. 1-4, 2017

Philadelphia & Chester County, PA

Frinends, I want to serve you the cheeses that changed my life. And I’m so excited for you to meet the people around Philadelphia and Chester County who make up one of the most dynamic dairy regions of the country. Please join me in tromping through city streets and pastures for a cheese journey of a lifetime!

Click here for the full itinerary or to sign up!


Questions? Drop me a line: Space on the tour is limited to 12 people. All meals, lodging, and transportation from Philadelphia will be provided. 



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