Philly Bierfest Ticket Giveaway

Lovers, let me tell you about the Edgar Allen Poe Cheese Cave and Pennsylvania Cider Bar! It’s part of Philly Bierfest (@phillybierfest) this Saturday, February 25, 2017 at the German Society in Philadelphia — a mere hop from the Edgar Allen Poe house. Be still, my telltale heart.

I’ll be there signing copies of Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese and offering cheese & cider pairing advice. Peer below for a list of cheese makers who will be hanging out in the Poe Cave. You’ll be able to meet members of the Pennsylvania Cheese Guild, taste samples, and buy a few brooding hunks from the following dairy dreamers:

Now, A Digression About Local Cheesesteaks…

If you miss the fun, here’s another way to taste some local dairy: the PA Cheese Guild has partnered with Cleaver’s, a no bull cheesesteak shop in Center City (108 S. 18th St.) for a month of local cheesesteaks and loaded waffle fries. Pop in between March-24 and look for the following:

  • Week 1: March 4 to 10: Trio Steak: ribeye steak with Caputo Brothers’ provola piccante (a hand stretched, young provolone-style cheese with a pleasant kick), green peppers, raw onions, red salsa on a seeded roll
  • Week 2: March 11 to 17: Fresco: chicken cutlet with Shellbark Hollow’s goat cheese, arugula, and balsamic glaze on a seeded roll
  • Week 3: March 18 to 24: Chicken Fajita: grilled chicken with Caputo Brothers’ provola piccante (a hand-stretched young provolone-style cheese with a pleasant kick), along with fried onions, green peppers, guacamole on a unseeded roll


Bierfest Giveaway Details: Two free regular admission tickets valued at $48 each can be yours! Drop a comment below explaining why you need to explore POE-TIC PAIRINGS. I’ll contact the winner on Friday (2/24) at 9 a.m ET.

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9 Responses to “Philly Bierfest Ticket Giveaway”
  1. Charlin Caster says:

    I’m new to Philly and looking for ways to get connected. Not to mention, I love Snapchatting all the cool events I attend and this would be the perfect place!

  2. Codi says:

    I have lived in Philly for 5 years and never have a weekend off, until this weekend!!–Working at the Tail we’ve hosted many events teaching about cheese and libations, but never do I get to be the one to learn! 🙂

  3. Tori E says:

    I think we live in the same neighborhood. I love your Instagram so much! Cheese + drink have been my bestfriends, boyfriends, part time lovers, full time lovers… I love philly and I’d love to get more involved in local food/drink groups who feel similarly! Also, this EAP quote:
    Fill with mingled cream and amber,
    I will drain that glass again.
    Such hilarious visions clamber
    Through the chamber of my brain —
    Quaintest thoughts — queerest fancies
    Come to life and fade away;
    What care I how time advances?
    I am drinking ale today.

  4. Jules Cadbury says:

    This is a worthy event to spend some time Daytripping.

  5. Jennifer Evans says:

    I’ve heard about the cheese cave and havnt been to it yet. Seems like a great event for cheese and beer lovers. Oh, and be ause Scott S said I should go 🙂

  6. J says:

    Never been able to afford it!

  7. Jenny S says:

    Quoth the Raven, Cheddarmore!

  8. Ashley says:

    My boyfriends birthday is next week, and he loves beer so this would be a great outing for this weekend! I would love to try the cheese and cider pairings

  9. tdarlington says:

    Contest closed — I drew a random number for these tickets since there were so many good reasons to attend Bierfest. Winner is #3, Tori E. Congrats!

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