Scenes from Philadelphia’s Cheese Flashmob

This story needs few words. A city full of cheese lovers. A local bar with a beautiful patio and a cheese-loving owner. A few weeks of online word-spreading.

All it takes is a couple of organizers (hat tip: Matt Buddah) and someone with a bunch of cheese boards (okay, I happen to have a few, and so does Mike Geno).

Then, you bring in the baker. (Alex Bois, your beet rye will always live on in my mind.)

And make sure your local cheesemakers (Yoav Perry, Stefanie Angstadt) get beads around their neck. Always, always honor thy cheesemakers.

Name tags are important, too. What’s a cheese party without easy conversation? I’m a fan of French name tags…and it’s important to let people adopt a nom de plum, should they wish. Last night, we had a few Lady Goudas and at least one Havarti.

Pictured above: Paul and Sean from Cherry Grove Farm, and Pete Demchur from Shellbark Hollow. Between them, they brought a stunning goat tomme and a wild raw-milk round called Trilby, which Sean and Paul wrapped in a whisky-soaked fig leaf.

A small helper helps. (Thank you Mia from Merion Park Cheese Co.!)

And so does at least one conceptual cheese carrier, like this “Comfort Cheese” presentation by my very own brother, AndrĂ© Darlington.

The party makes itself.


Huge thanks to our hosts at Martha, our neighborhood cheese clubhouse here in Philadelphia. My co-organizer, the fabulous cheesemonger Matt Buddah, was amazing. Our local cheese gang is called The Rennet Rough Riders (#rennetroughriders on Instagram). Find us. Join us. Or just plan a cheese flashmob where you live. Ask everyone to bring a cheese. Make it free. Get wild. Build community.

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3 Responses to “Scenes from Philadelphia’s Cheese Flashmob”
  1. Michele says:

    Brought my daughter and my niece. Wonderful night with wonderful people and amazing cheese. Thank you!!!!

  2. Mike Geno says:

    classic “Paul” photo face.

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