Spring Links: Raw Milk, Sweet Podcasts, Cheese Recipes

Lovers, like you I am holding out for anything that blooms. As I write this (from bed), I see snowy branches through the windows. In the foreground: a mantelpiece covered in empty tea cups, a rattan chair mostly hidden under a stack of sweaters. It feels like time to focus on finding warmth and color in new places. So, allow me to present some inspo for the ears and eyes, a wee departure from what you usually come here for. I know. But, don’t worry. You’ll find some cheese recommendations, too.

Let’s go down some cozy rabbit holes together…

Raw Milk on My Mind

You may have heard about the recent recall of several raw-milk and pasteurized cheeses in the news. If you’d like to learn more about how cheesemakers are working to ensure greater food safety, peep the new Safe Cheesemaking Hub, created by the American Cheese Society. If you’re a new maker or a home dabbler, you’ll find a great selection of workshops, FAQs, and best practices. This week, I was moved by a letter from a local cheesemaker (Stefanie Angstadt) who gently reminded customers of her commitment to food safety. Recalls frighten everyone and are hard on small makers. Stefanie included a link to this article from National Geographic about the pleasures of eating raw-milk cheeses in Europe and about the ongoing regulatory issues surrounding raw milk in the U.S. Oldways Cheese Coalition, an advocacy organization devoted to preserving dairy traditions, is another great resource for learning more about raw milk.

Sweet Listening

This goes out to all the cheesemakers who listen to tunes and podcasts in their cheese rooms throughout the day. For some dulcet tones while you stir curds or flip triple cremes, check out the lush beats of Khadja Bonet. I’m such a sucker for her song “Honeycomb” that I listen to it at least once a day. Find me on Spotify if you want to hum together. We could create some dairy-centric playlists? If you are podcast lover with an entrepreneurial cranium, peruse NPR’s How I Built This. (My favorite listens here are the stories behind Honest Tea, Lyft, and Patagonia.)

Mouthwatering Cheese Recipes

I saw New York Times writer Sam Sifton speak last week at a culinary conference, and that reminded me how much I love surfing the newspaper’s recipe box. This week, I’m partial to Baked Risotto with Winter Squash as a blues chaser. Over at 101 Cookbooks, I can’t stop peeping Heidi Swanson’s Beet Caviar with Creme Fraiche. And Emiko Davies has posted a dessert recipe from her latest book, Aquacotta — it’s a Ricotta and Baby Pear Tart that has me all…hot and bothered.

Feeling warmer?


Oh, heyyyy, Philly readers! I had a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer last week highlighting some fave local cheeses around the city. Take a peep and Discover Great Local Cheeses around Philadelphia. You can read about each of these cheeses in the story…


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