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What is a cheese courtesan, you ask?

Madame Fromage lives in a tall brick house on a cherry-blossom-strewn street in Philadelphia. Her fridge is always stocked in case there’s cause for a party.

Unlike most people who have a nibbling relationship with cheese, Madame Fromage has an obsession. Three years ago, she began a dairy diary on Blogger, and the rest is fricassee. She can’t leave the house without a cheese valise. Or at least a plate of appetizers.

On rainy nights, she likes to invite the rabble in to get rid of the rinds in her crisper. You might find her serving the odd bit of Stilton with a Manhattan, or just a few nubbins with cans of Schlitz. You may have read about her cheese soirees in The New York Times.

Tastings fill Madame’s social calendar but she also has a day job, teaching amid a rogue clan of priests. She maintains a secret cheese cave under her desk, and when her students behave she rewards them with runny Brie. Dairy literacy is essential to cultivate at a young age.

Madame knows this because she was fed Appenzeller as a baby. Her grandparents are Swiss.

Contrary to popular belief, Madame does not work at a cheese counter, but she has swarthy friends who do. Together, they compiled notes on 170 artisan cheeses and turned them into a book, The Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese: A Guide to Wedges, Pairings, and Recipes (Running Press, 2013).

The book is a little raunchy, really. Say you needed to seduce someone, Madame would tell you how to find the most sensuous triple cremes. Or if you were heartsick, she would tell you how to create a dairy cure. It would probably involve a leaf-wrapped Robiola.

Madame Fromage has just one goal, you see? To help you fall hopelessy in love with cheese. Just as she has.

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Who takes MF’s photos?

All of the photos on this blog are taken by Madame Fromage herself. Please don’t steal her images, at least not without plying her with strong cheese. Thanks, pussycat.

Do you accept advertising, Madame?

Not currently. MF is a personal project, a sort of pillowbook. MF keeps her tasting notes here and shares her dairy fantasties, along with tips and recipes. It hardly seems appropriate to mix business with that sort of pleasure.

Do you make cheese?

No, my love. But MF does have an odd fondness for goats. And a great reverence for those who make cheese for a living.