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My name is Tenaya Darlington, a.k.a Madame Fromage, and I lead a double life. By day, I teach food writing at Saint Joseph’s University. By night, I stalk cheesemongers, lurk around dairy cases, sniff out new wheels, and host workshops. I love helping cheese lovers discover new pairings and, ultimately, the hunk of their dreams. This is why I call myself a “cheese courtesan.” I also dole out a lot of pairing advice on social media and do what I can to spread the word about small-batch cheesemakers.

This blog started in 2009, soon after I moved from Wisconsin to Philadelphia and stumbled into Di Bruno Bros. — the city’s oldest cheese shop. One by one, I ate every nubbin in the case and logged my tasting notes online. Little did I know that I would one day collaborate on a book, Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese: A Guide to Wedges, Recipes, & Pairings (2013).

You can also find me spreading my obsession in the pages of Edible Philly, Philadelphia Inquirer, Cooking Light, Grid, Culture Magazine, and on the Di Bruno Blog. My latest project is a cocktail book, written with my brother Andre Darlington, to be released in 2016 by Running Press.

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What exactly is the history of your curious obsession?

Madame Fromage started as an itsy bitsy site on Blogger back in 2009 – as a former newspaper journalist, I wanted to connect with other food writers and explore the wild wheels I sniffed out in specialty shops and farmers’ markets. Since then, this site has grown into a place where I ripen ideas, share recipes, offer tasting notes and pairing tips, and highlight the stories of cheesemakers I meet along my winding way.

Who takes MF’s photos?

All of the photos on this blog are taken by moi. Please don’t steal them, at least not without plying me with strong cheese. Thanks, pussycat.

Do you accept advertising, Madame?

MF is a personal project, a sort of pillow book of dairy fantasies. It hardly seems appropriate to mix business with that sort of pleasure.

Do you want to collaborate on a project?

Try me. I tend to collaborate with chefs, other food bloggers, and sometimes cheesemakers. In general, I purchase my own supplies and spend every vinegary dime buying cheeses I love. I don’t do sponsored posts, but I am open to samples or giveaways that fit my curious little niche of artisan cheese and extraordinary pairings.

Do you make cheese?

No, my love. But I do have an odd fondness for goats. And a great reverence for those who make cheese for a living.