Gorgonzola Pairings

So many people have a thing against blues. It’s all I can do to bite my tongue when I find myself behind a blue hater in the cheese line. Over the holidays, it almost got ugly. I had to compensate by asking to sample as many blues as possible, then purring over every moldy slab. […]

Potted Stilton

I’ll admit it: I have a fascination with cheese in crocks. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a family that ate Port Wine Cheddar out of a crock around Christmas – in Wisconsin, this was easy enough to find at the grocery, and the crocks were made out of real clay, which could then […]

A Blue Cheese Christmas

It’s December, and all I want to do is build little shrines. Some people hang stockings, others fret over roasts. Around Casa Fromage, all we do this time of year is build cheese boards. Each shelf of the fridge is a city of Bethlehem built from condiments. The crisper drawers don’t contain any apples or […]