Cheese Journeys for 2015

This fall, Cheese Journeys, a new dairy-driven travel company based in New York, released their schedule of trips for 2015. There are two trips to England and two to France, and I’m happy to say that I’ll be a part of one of those grand voyages — a week-long junket to Somerset (Cheddar country!) and London. […]

Madame Fromage Goes to Puglia

Remember back in October when I floated the kooky idea of leading a digital storytelling workshop in Puglia with my friend Aimee Knight? Well, darlings, my valise is packed. Flight leaves tonight. Thanks to you, the first Live Cultures workshop filled. Then, we filled a second. We plan to Intstagram our journey. Here’s how to follow […]

A Recipe for Venice

Italy Diary: In Venice, few things are more alluring than the produce. Despite being a cluster of islands, the city manages to import the most beautiful fruits and vegetables — artichokes of every kind, cases of white asparagus, crates of tomatoes, lemons, cherries. You see them arriving at the Rialto Market on boats, and it’s all […]

A Cheese Picnic in Cremona

Italy Diary Part 3: I went to Cremona with a singular vision. I wanted to bike through the fields along the Po River and eat a cheese picnic. There were two reasons for this: 1. I read that the area around Cremona was “like Wisconsin” — a veritable dairy badlands. 2. I am addicted to […]

Cricket Creek Farm

Earlier this year, my friend Paul Lawler left his job as a city cheesemonger to become a cheesemaker in the middle of nowhere. And by nowhere I mean rural Massachusetts, on a farm in the Berkshires where pigs outnumber people and you can’t get any cell phone reception unless you climb up to a deck […]