Cheese and Taxidermy

Little known secret: I have a wild affection for stuffed heads. Blame it on my Wisconsin heritage or my graduate degree in The Pretend (I have an M.F.A. in Fiction), but I am endlessly fascinated by preservation. Maybe this, this!, is the root of my cheese love. Could it be? I got to mull this very question […]

Wisconsin: Hidden Cabins, Heavenly Cheese

While the cheese world gathered at the largest dairy competition in Raleigh last week, I was on a ramble through Wisconsin with Frau Fromage. Every summer, my Swiss-born mother and I make tracks through our home state to sniff the dairy breeze (me) and birdwatch (she). Frau wears her binoculars, I carry my cooler, and […]

A Trip to Bobolink

Sunday is a good day for a cheese tour, and this past week I had the good fortune of riding out to Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse in Milford, New Jersey with my painter friend Mike Geno. The occasion: a chance spin in Geno’s new Honda. It is a car funded by cheese portraits. More on […]

Brunch at Prune

Some things are unforgettable, like a perfect cheese pairing. Especially for breakfast. A few Sundays ago, I went to brunch at Prune in New York with my brother. It was the morning after his 34th birthday, and we decided his first bite of the day should be ephemeral. We’d also read Blood, Bones, & Butter, […]

Pass the Camelbert

Last week in Doha, I connected to a group of camel cheese fanatics. They tried to smuggle some in from Syria for me to taste, but Syria is on the rocks. Instead, the camel fanatics gave me a copy of their new book, a wee camel-cheese treatise that makes me want to get my hands […]