Bye Bye, Manuscript

Hello, world. It’s been a lazy couple days chez Fromage. No waking early to recipe-test goat cheese terrine. No staying up late to finish a sidebar on Camembert. The manuscript that has been my every waking thought the last few months is done. And it feels glorious. Thank you for sticking around. Many of you […]

Cheese Book Check-In

Well, you know what today is, don’t you? One week ’til D-Day. Next Sunday, I’ll be packing up my cheese writing cave and hopefully tossing back a whiskey at some swish bar to celebrate submitting The Manuscript. The Manuscript is, as of this moment, over 400 documents on my hard drive. All of those documents, […]

Cheese and Collaboration

This was us yesterday. Well, by “us,” I mean the people I depend on. Hunter (left) is my mentor. He knows everything there is to know about cheese. Zeke (middle) is my mouth. He always knows what I want to eat next and how to pair it with something perfect. And Emilio (right) is the […]

The Desk of 170 Cheeses

Deadline Diary, Day 7: Some people make birth announcements; I make cheese announcements. Today, I delivered the final allotment of my 170 cheese descriptions to one Hunter Fike and one Ezekial Ferguson, my second readers at Di Bruno Bros. The manuscript is now 80% finished. One year ago this month, I began drafting a proposal […]

Mostarda Troubles

Deadline Diary, Day 4: I live by the clipboard and the pen. In the kitchen, I recipe-test, working from a chef’s notes to ensure that a home cook can easily recreate dishes from a restaurant kitchen to pair with cheese. So far, so good. But this week, I’ve been struggling with mostarda, a sweet-sour Italian […]