Behold, Lonzino!

Deadline Diary, Day 5: Last night, I left my writing desk for two bites and a sip. I showered, put on a dress, and shambled over to Di Bruno Bros. for a tasting of three local staples: Birchrun Hills Farm Cheese, Tired Hands Beer, and North Mountain Pastures Charcuterie. I went for the cheese and […]

Beer Week Cheese Tastings

Beer Week in Philadelphia always brings out the cheese geeks, and Tuesday and Friday hold two special tastings that have yet to receive much press. Chef Rob Sidor at Di Bruno Bros. is quietly offering two of the most compelling events in the city, along with cheese curator Rich Morillo. Tuesday, June 5, 2012 Tonight […]

At Atera, Winnimere Butter and More

Raw Milk Ice Cream Sponge

At Atera, an intimate Manhattan restaurant featuring foraged lichen and pickled quail eggs, dairy is being reimagined. Have you ever heard of anyone soaking cheese rinds in a vat of cream before churning it into butter? That’s what Chef Matt Lightner does to make his exquisite Winnimere butter, the most sensual dairy experience of my […]

Top Cheesemonger

You’ve heard of Top Model, Top Chef…whatevs. The best show no one knows about is Top Cheesemonger, and it happens every year in a Long Island City warehouse. Mongers from across the nation compete to break down giant wheels of Parm, invent perfect pairings, and identify cheeses in a blind tasting. On Monday night, Di […]

Behind the Scenes at 9th Street

Last week’s highlight: a tour of Di Bruno Bros. on 9th Street with my friend Mike Geno. Here he is looking in the window of this Italian Market shop. His quest? To find new cheeses to paint. My quest: to climb out on the roof for some high-noon sun. We did just that with cheesemonger […]