Highlights of the Year In Cheese

It was the year of Goudas. Every time I turned around, I was nibbling a glorious Dutch treat. My favorites: Coolea, a Gouda from Ireland, and Evalon, a goat Gouda from Wisconsin. It was the year of Twitter. Making the Zagat list of foodies to follow was fun, but it was great to discover other […]

Cheese Board Basics

Readers often email for tips on putting together a cheese board. Here are a few suggestions: Pick a theme. When in doubt, choose a variety of cheeses from different milks – cow, sheep, goat, and if you can find it: water buffalo. You can also put together a cheese board by country (French, Italian, or […]

On Keeping A Cheese Notebook

“It all comes back,” writes Joan Didion in her famous essay on the subject of writer’s notebooks. It’s true. It does all come back. For almost three years now, I have recorded every nibble, every recommendation overheard at the cheese counter, along with lists of cheeses to try. Bad Axe. Gamonedo. (I have yet to find either.) But […]