A Cheese Board with BHLDN

Maybe you know that here in Philadelphia, the Urban Outfitters campus looms large. A few weeks ago, I popped down to their offices to collaborate on a special cheese board for Urban’s wedding arm, BHLDN. Pop over to BHLDN’s new blog, and you’ll see the results of our effort, a gorgeous cheese board using props and products from […]

Anthropologie, Serious Eats, and Real Simple

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in Book Land — allow me to gush like Rush Creek? Yesterday, Serious Eats ran a terrific review (big thanks to cheese columnist Stephanie Stiavetti), and Real Simple put The Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese at the top of their recent gift guide. We also found our book on the […]

Book Update and Holiday Signings

   As of today, it’s been seven months since the publication of The Di Bruno Bros House of Cheese. Here I am at my little cherry desk, and would you believe that I am still surrounded by a hodgepodge of drafts? Maybe I’ll use those marked-up pages for holiday wrapping. Maybe I’ll send you a […]