Events: Eating Words, Philly Chef’s Conference, and Brewer’s Plate

Dear ones, you’ve probably noticed that my posts are taking longer than usual to set. Thanks for your patience. I’ve been in a curd blizzard of book projects. If you’re confused, let me explain — I’ve been working on not one but TWO new books that will come out in 2016: The New Cocktail Hour (April 2016) and Movie […]

Chechil Beer Cheese Snack

There is something unnerving about a cheese that looks like dried squid. When I received an inquiry about sampling Chechil, I was hesitant when I viewed the pictures – but the email came from a charming man named Sergy, who described how he used Kickstarter to launch production of this Russian snack cheese in the […]

Cheese at the Wedding

What’s lovelier than eating Gouda amid fall leaves? Don’t try to imagine anything sweeter, especially at a wedding. Where there is lace, there should be exquisitely crystalline cheese. Where there are groomsmen in skinny ties, there should be craft beer — preferrably from Brooklyn. Marry the two together, and you might as well throw a […]

Elderbritch and Two Classes in Lancaster

Elderbritch may be my new favorite name for a cheese — and my favorite PA Gouda of the moment. This sweet fall beauty is made by Elizabeth Stoudt, a Lancaster County cheesemaker who is part of the Stoudt’s Brewery family. The Stoudts are deeply into their ferment; they make beer, bread, and cheese. I was […]

Madame Fromage’s Traveling Cheese School

Put on your new jeans! Grab your pencil case and your new BFF! It’s time for some serious cheese school. Below you’ll find a list of events where you can find me this fall, starting with two library-rific tastings and continuing into October for three awesome tutorials at Metropolitan Café in Center City — the […]