April Links: Cashew Cheese and Ghee Whiz

This week, I’ve been surveying the blogosphere through the eyes of my 20-something Food Writing students. For a bit of recent homework, I asked each one to review two food blogs of their choice (paying special attention to voice, photo-to-text ratio, and site design), then I spent an afternoon clicking around after them. What a […]

Meet Miss Cheesemonger

My goal for November is to give thanks to some of my fellow cheese bloggers. Reading up on their cheese lives always gives me insight into dairy cases on other coasts. Two weeks ago, I sat down for an East/West Skype chat with┬áMiss Cheesemonger, a.k.a. Veronique Kherian, of San Francisco. Madame F. and Miss C. […]

Sometimes My Students

In my non-cheese life, I carry cutting boards to work and dream up assignments like the one in the photo above: Record everything you eat for a week, then draw an arrow next to anything processed. This semester, I taught two sections of Food Writing, a class that explores everything from food memoirs and blogs […]