New Year’s Cheese Board with Foodinjars

Meet Bucheron. He’s a handsome devil, isn’t he? A snowy log of goat cheese in a velveteen jacket. When he arrived on my stoop recently from Wisconsin, I invited him in to meet my good friend Marisa McClellan, cookbook author and blogger about all things canning at Foodinjars. Marisa and I were having a toast. […]

Aged Gouda with Caramel

If any cheese embodies October, it’s aged Gouda. Its color mirrors the hues you see at farmers’ markets this time of year — in butternut squash, Indian corn, Bosc pears, cider. And no surprise: the roasty sweetness of aged Gouda, pairs well with autumn flavors. I love to serve it straight up with green apples, […]

Roomano and Caramel

When I first heard about Roomano, it was 2009 and Madame Fromage was still practically in utero. When I came across the name “Roomano” on the blog of a Midwestern-based dairy duo, Cheese and Champagne, I scractched my head. My first thought: could this cheese be made of Kangaroo milk? Two years later, I came […]