Comté and A Cocktail: A Journey Unfolds

One of my favorite things to do before a long trip is to create a checklist of tastes, so I can remember what to nibble in the field. I know, it sounds obsessive — but without obsessive acts, life is a bit milquetoast, is it not? Next week, I have the great fortune of traveling […]

Meeting the Cheese Paparazzi

I’ve been meaning to tell you about New York — about a tasting party in the West Village and about some of my favorite cheese bloggers who appeared in the flesh. The thing is, after finishing the book and seeing it into the world, I find myself with a lot less time in the evenings […]

Somerdale Champagne Cheddar

Two weeks ago, a box of Cheddar and Champagne appeared on my stoop. Ordinarily, I would never put these flavors together, but who was I to turn away a complimentary shipment from Whole Foods? PR elves told me the chain was planning to debut this New-Years-ready pairing, and I was curious to sample the latest […]