Book Signings, Cheese Crawls and More

Suddenly, it’s December. I open my eyes, and my calendar flashes into view with stars and scribbles. (Yes, I still use a paper day planner.)  Here are a few events where I will be leaping and lurking over the next few weeks, along with a few holiday open houses that feature local Pennsylvania cheesemakers. I hope […]

June Book Signings and Events

While I’ve been in Italy, the team at Di Bruno Bros. has been hard at work getting our new book, The Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese, into the hands of hot celebs, like this kooky monkey (a.k.a. Mike Geno). Below, you’ll find a list of upcoming signings, tastings, classes, and demos. I look forward to […]

Di Bruno Bros. Book Cover

Today it finally feels official. Some sneaky elves over at Eater and Meal Ticket let the Di Bruno Bros. book news out of the bag. Not that it’s been any secret to you. We’ve been on this road together a long time. Some of you even helped me conjure adjectives on Facebook over the summer […]

Bye Bye, Manuscript

Hello, world. It’s been a lazy couple days chez Fromage. No waking early to recipe-test goat cheese terrine. No staying up late to finish a sidebar on Camembert. The manuscript that has been my every waking thought the last few months is done. And it feels glorious. Thank you for sticking around. Many of you […]

Deadline Diary

Lately, every day begins the same: coffee from the shop around the corner, followed by a quick foraging trip through The New Yorker. I am in search of new words. I am sick of “creamy,” “golden,” and even “goaty.” As of today, I am one month away from finishing a cheese book. Deadline: July 1. […]