A Gift Guide for the Cheese Traveler

This week, I’ve been working on a holiday cheese board for The Philadelphia Inquirer based around the them of “bark, booze, and flames.” Because I love themes (it must be my editorial mind), I can’t help but lean on a topical focus for this year’s gift guide. Since the travel bug has bitten my neck, […]

Elderbritch and Two Classes in Lancaster

Elderbritch may be my new favorite name for a cheese — and my favorite PA Gouda of the moment. This sweet fall beauty is made by Elizabeth Stoudt, a Lancaster County cheesemaker who is part of the Stoudt’s Brewery family. The Stoudts are deeply into their ferment; they make beer, bread, and cheese. I was […]

Beer and Cheese Class in Brooklyn

One of my favorite things to do with friends is to pair beer and cheese. I’ll grab a variety of cheeses, or I’ll pick a theme (like all blues), then I’ll recommend that people bring certain styles of craft beer. It’s become such a popular activity around my kitchen table that I’ve decided to offer […]

Milk Oolong

In the mornings, I have been sipping a brand new tonic: Milk Oolong, a creamy tea from China. It smells like fresh milk and orchids, and it coats your mouth like silk. Lately, I’ve been trying to scale back on coffee (Madame F. can get a little flibbity-jibbity on caffeine), and Milk Oolong satisfies the craving. It’s […]

How To Get A Cheese Education

This week, I’m thinking about a question from a reader named Mia. She wants to live the golden dream — to work in the cheese world as either a maker or a monger. She wrote to me asking how to gain experience. When I put the question out on Twitter recently, several cheesemongers fired right […]