A Guide to Great British Cheddars

In autumn, I love shopping for cheddar. Whereas other dames might enjoy picking up a new woolen cape or a mohair sweater this time of year, I fantasize about running my fingers across clothbound cheddar. Montgomery’s, Keen’s, Westombe, Quicke’s. These are a few of the brands that make me swoon. All British. All bold and […]

Montgomery’s Cheddar Meets a Scotch Cocktail

Have you ever nibbled a morsel of clothbound cheddar and considered pairing it with a cocktail? Until about a year ago, I used to reach for a nut brown ale or a grapefruit-y IPA. Perfectly acceptable. And delicious. Especially for a ploughman’s lunch. But lo, then I sipped a Mark Twain. A Mark Twain is a cocktail made […]

Mission Dolores Class Pairings

Few things are more delightful than sharing cheese with friends, except maybe pairing cheese and beer with friends. And not just any beer. Wild’n crazy beer! You’re looking at Tuesday night, when I rolled into Mission Dolores, home to my old pal Scott Stubbs, to teach a Cheese and Beer 101 class. The S.S. Tubbs […]