Sweet Potato Latkes + Kosher Creme Fraiche

Lately, I’ve been staking out kosher dairy. It started with an inquiry from the Hazon Food Festival, where I gave a little talk. Then I heard about a Philadelphia caterer who requested a kosher cheese board from a cheesemonger I know. Kosher dairy? I was totally unschooled, so I skittered down to Di Bruno Bros. […]

Landmark’s Little Beauties

I think, by now, you know I have a thing for small cheeses. I do. They’re like buttons, I want to collect them. Landmark Creamery, a tiny cheese outfit in Albany, Wisconsin that is softly launching this fall, offered to send me some wee offerings, and of course I said:┬ásend them tout de suite. I […]

Sexy Wrinkled Cheese

When someone sends you a box of sexy, wrinkled cheese in the mail, it feels very special. It feels like visitors from another planet have asked you to become their pen pal, or — better yet — a host family for their children. Children who arrive in hover crafts. Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery packs […]

Quark Rediscovered

One of my latest, greatest discoveries just may be grocery delivery. Car-free me loves to support local markets, but in cold March few things are sweeter than answering the door to find boxes of dairy and toilet paper in a man’s arms. Don’t hate me for being housebound. Love me for telling you about Fresh […]