Come on a Cheddar Odyssey!

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to cheddar country and stay in a manor house, get out your duffel. In late September, I’ll be off to Somerset, England for a week-long cheddar tour centered around traditional British cheese and drink. Here’s the best part: four of the six nights, we’ll stay at North Cadbury Court, the […]

The Desk Cheese Board

Surely, you too have a snack drawer at work. This week, I’m humbled to reveal my very own little desk — the place where all these posts get written — on Kokblog. Brooklyn illustrator Johanna Kindvall drew the contents of my drawers (mmm, sounds a bit naughty?), right down to the flasks. Just look behind […]

The Culinary Cyclist’s Quinoa Cake

When I have a few minutes in the morning, I like to pop over to Kokblog – an illustrated cooking blog by Johanna Kindvall. Her line drawings accompany each recipe instead of photographs – an aesthetic choice that took my breath away the first time I stumbled upon her site. I melt for her simple […]