Champion Cheesemonger Emily Acosta

Here’s a telling sign about the popularity of cheese in America: cheesemongering has become an Olympic sport. Well, almost. Every summer, the folks who work behind cheese counters gather for The Cheesemonger Invitational. It’s where muscle meets Manchego. For one grueling evening, they compete for the title of champion cheesemonger. To win, a monger must […]

Guava, Twitter, and Diner’s Journal

When I posted about pairing guava and cheddar, I never expected to get an email from Brazilian cheese blogger Renata Curzi. Renata let me know — in the kindest way — that pairing guava with cheese is old school. I’m just late to the game. Renata told me she had a surprise, and three days later […]

Cheddar, Meet Guava

I love a cheese pairing that makes me fall out of my chair. This happens more often than you might think. In this story, I am falling out of my chair because I can’t believe I am spooning guava paste out of a plastic Goya tub and slathering it on cheddar. Not once, but many […]