Not Just Another Gouda

A few weeks ago, I got an email from my cheesemonger friend, Hunter, that began like this: Have you had Remeker Pure Yet? If not, you should stop whatever you are doing…. Hunter Fike is the cheesemonger who wrote the “Cheesemonger Notes” in my cheese book, so when he tells me to stop the world […]

Di Bruno Bros. Book Cover

Today it finally feels official. Some sneaky elves over at Eater and Meal Ticket let the Di Bruno Bros. book news out of the bag. Not that it’s been any secret to you. We’ve been on this road together a long time. Some of you even helped me conjure adjectives on Facebook over the summer […]

Cheese and Collaboration

This was us yesterday. Well, by “us,” I mean the people I depend on. Hunter (left) is my mentor. He knows everything there is to know about cheese. Zeke (middle) is my mouth. He always knows what I want to eat next and how to pair it with something perfect. And Emilio (right) is the […]

The Desk of 170 Cheeses

Deadline Diary, Day 7: Some people make birth announcements; I make cheese announcements. Today, I delivered the final allotment of my 170 cheese descriptions to one Hunter Fike and one Ezekial Ferguson, my second readers at Di Bruno Bros. The manuscript is now 80% finished. One year ago this month, I began drafting a proposal […]

Cheddar’s Little Namesake

Some cheesemongers I know express their lacto love through tattooes. Others name their children after cheeses. If you’ve ever nibbled Montgomery’s Cheddar, a rugged nugget made by Jamie Montgomery of Somerset, England, you might understand why Hunter Fike named his firstborn “James Montgomery,” after the maker. Hunter Fike, who runs the Italian Market Di Bruno […]