Champion Cheesemonger Emily Acosta

Here’s a telling sign about the popularity of cheese in America: cheesemongering has become an Olympic sport. Well, almost. Every summer, the folks who work behind cheese counters gather for The Cheesemonger Invitational. It’s where muscle meets Manchego. For one grueling evening, they compete for the title of champion cheesemonger. To win, a monger must […]

Before and After Raw Robiola

Italy Dairy: I’ve been back from Italy for more than a month now. But I still wake to the taste of raw Robiola. You see, on my last day in Milan I decided to pick a single cheese and eat it for breakfast. Of course, I wanted something pillow-like. And I needed it to be […]

Top Cheesemonger

You’ve heard of Top Model, Top Chef…whatevs. The best show no one knows about is Top Cheesemonger, and it happens every year in a Long Island City warehouse. Mongers from across the nation compete to break down giant wheels of Parm, invent perfect pairings, and identify cheeses in a blind tasting. On Monday night, Di […]