Cheese Dinners at High Street

Reader, my love affair with the food at High Street only grows deeper. The ash-swirled bread beckons me through blizzards. The cannoli danish calls me out of subway tunnels on the way to work. I brave snow, ice, sleet for crumbs. This spring, I’m collaborating with High Street to present a series of dinners featuring […]

Three Cheese Finds in Philly

It fell upon Madame F. to do jury duty this week, which made for a lot of down time in dank City Hall. Of course, I packed a little cheese to eat on breaks, but I also fell into long spells of reverie as I thought about some of my favorite cheese haunts. Let me […]

British Cheese, Butter, and Beer Tasting

If you haven’t been Beer Weeked out by Sunday, put on something foppish and head to Forest and Main, the new Ambler, PA pub where brewer Daniel Endicott brews British-style ale. 5-Course Tasting of British and British-Inspired Cheeses & Beers Time: Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 6p.m. Cost: $45 To reserve a spot, call 215 […]