What I Learned at Cheese Camp

Last week, I went to Cheese Camp. You are probably picturing a woodland setting with counselors who teach kids how to make clay cheese talismans, like the ones pictured above. But no. There were too many of us: around 2,000 dairy nerds. We converged at a convention center in Providence, Rhode Island and ate copious amounts of […]

Lakins Gorges Cheeses from Maine

Some cheeses inspire you the moment you unwrap them. Their freshness beckons, their rinds beg you to run your fingers across them. Surfaces speak: ripples call to mind tide pools, ridges suggest barnacles. I am speaking about Lakins Gorges Cheese from Rockport, Maine. When I opened the box from their maker, Alison Lakin, I was […]

Gin and Ginepro

When I was a kid, my parents used to drink gin and tonics on hot nights in the Midwest, so it’s no surprise that I’ve become a gin drinker. I love the smell of pines, the taste of botanicals — it’s like winter and summer in one. When I got into cheese, I held the misguided […]

Cheese and Taxidermy

Little known secret: I have a wild affection for stuffed heads. Blame it on my Wisconsin heritage or my graduate degree in The Pretend (I have an M.F.A. in Fiction), but I am endlessly fascinated by preservation. Maybe this, this!, is the root of my cheese love. Could it be? I got to mull this very question […]