Philly Chef Conference Redux

Here’s what a kitchen full of cheese groupies looks like. This is a shot from yesterday’s Philly Chef Conference, hosted by Drexel University’s Center for Hospitality and Sports Management. It brought together chefs — yes — but also writers, cookbook agents, students, restaurateurs, bakers, brewers, bartenders, food producers, and cheesemakers. What a thrill to be asked to […]

A Cheese Picnic in Cremona

Italy Diary Part 3: I went to Cremona with a singular vision. I wanted to bike through the fields along the Po River and eat a cheese picnic. There were two reasons for this: 1. I read that the area around Cremona was “like Wisconsin” — a veritable dairy badlands. 2. I am addicted to […]

Mostarda Forever

Maybe you remember: a few weeks ago, I had a little mostarda problem. No, I didn’t have a version of gout, as some of you suspected. I was stuck on a recipe that I was testing. A recipe for mostarda that I wanted to include in the Di Bruno Bros. Cheese Guide. Trouble was, I’d […]

Bye Bye, Manuscript

Hello, world. It’s been a lazy couple days chez Fromage. No waking early to recipe-test goat cheese terrine. No staying up late to finish a sidebar on Camembert. The manuscript that has been my every waking thought the last few months is done. And it feels glorious. Thank you for sticking around. Many of you […]

Mostarda Troubles

Deadline Diary, Day 4: I live by the clipboard and the pen. In the kitchen, I recipe-test, working from a chef’s notes to ensure that a home cook can easily recreate dishes from a restaurant kitchen to pair with cheese. So far, so good. But this week, I’ve been struggling with mostarda, a sweet-sour Italian […]