A Cheese Spa at Woodloch

What could be more decadent┬áthan standing around in bathrobes, drinking wine and sampling cheese? That was my Friday night at the Lodge at Woodloch, a beautiful spa in the Poconos that hosts a monthly culinary guest. (Yes, I┬áhave blotted out the eyes of those to whom I fed triple cremes. I don’t want you to […]

Let Go of My Manchego

September is the month of nostalgia. Look back, and the hotness is behind you. Sun. Sea. Soft cheeses. Tell me about the mozzarella you ate in the park, the fresh ricotta you gobbed on berries before you went off to build a fort in the sand. For me, it was a summer of sheep’s milk […]

Gin and Munster Gerome

It feels auspicious to start out the New Year with Munster Gerome. Before sitting down to write this, I did ten minutes of stretching in the dark, made myself a cup of hot vinegar tea, read the top food stories of 2013 in The New York Times and considered (briefly) a post on cleansing. Or […]

The Cheese and Tea Pairing Project

My friend Alexis Siemons of Teaspoons & Petals develops tea blends and hosts tastings around Philadelphia. When I met her, I was so curious about the possibility of pairing tea with cheese — think of the times when you’ve got a non-drinker at the table or you just don’t feel up to a glass of […]

Make an In-Flight Cheese Board

Everywhere I go, I carry a little cheese valise. On trains. On roadtrips. And especially on airplanes. I will never understand why cheese counters don’t offer porta-cheese-plates this time of year for the on-the-go dairy lover. Someone, please, hear my cry! Say you get stuck in Detroit on Thanksgiving — it’s happened! — wouldn’t you […]