What To Wear To A Cheese Ball

With Cheese Ball II just days away, the dairy set on social media has been chatting outfits. Since so many people have emailed about appropriate attire, I thought I’d pull together a quick post with some choice fashion selections from the last Cheese Ball, back in January 2012. Of course, you’re welcome to wear a […]

Cheese Ball II: A Cave Raising

Cheese Ball II

Maybe you remember Cheese Ball 2012? Maybe you were there, circling the giant cheese board we built above a pool table where all of Philadelphia’s lacto-rati gathered to nibble and imbibe? It was the city’s greatest dairy potluck, a showcase of curd-driven love — attended by cheese lovers, cheese makers, cheesemongers, and even a few […]

Bark, Booze, and Flames

Artisan cheese began appearing in my dreams back when I worked for a newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin, so it’s always a pleasure to write about dairy for The Inky (a.k.a. The Philadelphia Inquirer). Today I have a story on winter cheeses in the Food & Dining section, and I’m telling you because, honeys, I’m wildly excited […]

Anthropologie, Serious Eats, and Real Simple

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in Book Land — allow me to gush like Rush Creek? Yesterday, Serious Eats ran a terrific review (big thanks to cheese columnist Stephanie Stiavetti), and Real Simple put The Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese at the top of their recent gift guide. We also found our book on the […]

Cheese at the Wedding

What’s lovelier than eating Gouda amid fall leaves? Don’t try to imagine anything sweeter, especially at a wedding. Where there is lace, there should be exquisitely crystalline cheese. Where there are groomsmen in skinny ties, there should be craft beer — preferrably from Brooklyn. Marry the two together, and you might as well throw a […]