A Seasonal Vacherin Dinner

If you are anything like me, you welcome November with gusto because it’s Vacherin season. I’m referring to the exquisite cheese made in the Jura mountains and released right before the holidays. Its full name is Vacherin Mont d’Or, and — although it’s a mouthful to say — the mere mention of it in a […]

Breakfast Bowl with Cultured Butter, Bee Pollen, and Apple

For the New Year, I resolved to eat more good butter. Cultured butter! Have you ever tried it? It’s made from cream that has been fermented, similar to the way that yogurt is fermented. The process, which is as simple as pouring a little buttermilk into a pot of cream and letting it cure overnight, encourages flavors to develop in […]

Sweet Potato Latkes + Kosher Creme Fraiche

Lately, I’ve been staking out kosher dairy. It started with an inquiry from the Hazon Food Festival, where I gave a little talk. Then I heard about a Philadelphia caterer who requested a kosher cheese board from a cheesemonger I know. Kosher dairy? I was totally unschooled, so I skittered down to Di Bruno Bros. […]

Kale Pesto with Fiore Sardo

If you have grown weary of kale salad – the darling of so many food blogs this summer – allow me to propose a variation. As basil dwindles, consider lopping off kale and collards and blending them into pesto with a kick of smoky sheep’s milk cheese. Food blogger turned author Garrett McCord of Vanilla […]

Baked Ricotta for the End of Tomato Season

I have an irrational love of baked ricotta – whenever I see its dark crust at the cheese counter, my lips croon at it. It is to this cheese lover what campfire-roasted marshmallows are to a Girl Scout. So I swooned when I caught sight of this recipe in the back of one of my […]